Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vital points for your relationship, this might be one

Could there be best lovemaking techniques?

The best lovemaking techniques are not what you think they would be. Nope, sorry! It's neither some wild, nor a kinky, nor an unusual method which were drawn and illustrated in every lovemaking manuals and articles published in the web. They are so simple and very basic.

     • Getting to know what pleases your lover.
     • Tuning-in and being responsive to your lover's needs.
     • Meticulously knowing what it is that arouses and pleases you.
     • Enhancing and deepening intimacy.

That's all there is to it. No technique, method, position or tip is inherently best in and of itself. It is the dynamics of the couple involved, their level of awareness and the depth of their intimacy that impacts this determination to the most.

You could read every lovemaking manual in existence and become a master of all lovemaking techniques, but these are irrelevant, unless, if you first know where you are going, with whom you are going, what you want to happen and how to get there.

Yes, you can probably bestow at least some pleasure on your partner and yourself with any old technique, but the goal in lovemaking is to satisfy your lover and yourself as deeply and completely as possible. Of course, both of you want to achieve ultimate fulfillment and enhance the relationship.

There are many different lovemaking techniques to choose from, but if you don't have awareness of you and your lover's intricate preferences, then you're just taking a shot in the dark and settling for mediocre pleasure. What works for one person is not what works for another person. Men and women usually have different preferences.

When you are in a new relationship with a new lover, using the lovemaking techniques which you and your old girlfriend or boyfriend just loved doing so, you could be in for disappointment. Men share a little more similarities in their needs, but women especially have very unique sexual needs. What drives one woman mad with desire, could drive another woman just plain mad.

What positions does your lover enjoy? What part of their body is most erogenous? Are they a silent lover or the verbal type? Where does your lover need to touch? What activities do they enjoy the most? What makes their motor run like speed racer? Which type of sex do they prefer the most? What do they dislike the most? When and how do they like to be touched?

Of course, you don't want to ignore your pleasure or desires either. You'll want to take your answers to those questions into account as well as a few others. What are you in the mood for during this particular love making session? Would you like something tender, loving and romantic or are you feeling wild, kinky and animalistic?

How do you get to know your lover's needs and what makes them aroused?

     1. You should ask.

Many couples have difficulty communicating what it is they enjoy and need sexually. Encourage your partner to share their needs and preferences with you. Let them know it's important to you to pleasure them. Ask them straight out: Does this feel good? What do you need? Do you like this? Where do you need touch and to be touched? Share your needs and preferences with them as well.

     2. You should pay attention while making love.

How do they breathe? How do they respond to each touch and act? What are they saying? What noises are they making? You can learn a great deal about your lover by simply paying attention to these details. Read their cues and adjust accordingly.

When you engage in the two practices above, intimacy naturally ensues. Once you know what it is that you and your lover need for the deepest pleasure then you will discover a variety of best lovemaking techniques. What is best for one couple may not be the case for another. It depends on the unique needs of each couple.

When you and your partner have deep awareness of what it is that you both need and desire, then any technique you use can become the best lovemaking technique. You'll have the benefit of more pleasurable lovemaking, a much satisfying and rewarding relationship, deeper intimacy and you'll be viewed as an affectionate great lover.

Is this the way to seduce your partner?

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