Thursday, April 10, 2008

ABC’s Dancing With The Stars Features the First Ballroom Kids

It’s totally amazing watching kids made their dancing steps at home, in school, and in certain community competition yet it is more fun and wonderful to see them live on TV. This has become a reality when ABC did it last Tuesday evening on “Dancing With The Stars.” It has just started and they will be airing this live competition for the next weeks to come.

The first two ballroom kid-pairs under the category of nine-year-olds and under are, Rashell & Aaron and Daniela & Aaron. For more of what they say and think of, here they are:

Daniela & Aaron - Samba

Rashell & Aaron - Pasa Doble

Many schools nowadays have integrated ballroom dancing as part of their fitness program. As parents, it’s time to think about enrolling our kids in a class dance particularly at an early age. There’s a lot of style to choose, from hip hop to classical ballet, with some variety of styles that will suit every taste such as waltz, foxtrot, tango, salsa, cha cha, pasa doble, samba, etc.

Aside from inculcating among kids the spirit of teamwork, since they have to work with their fellow human being in front of them (not virtual), these dancing lessons and skills will render these kids a good amount of workout, help them develop styles, bolster their self-confidence, creativity, imagination, and most of all, it cultivates a healthy dose of discipline.

Ballroom dancing with a partner as we can observed, requires a good balance, a strong body awareness and a sense of rhythm dealing with the improvement of the physical fitness and flexibility, and ultimately these can help to reduce if not relieve stress.

The popularity now of ballroom dancing is not only for the celebrities or for the kids but also for everybody of all ages.

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Nihal said...

Wow..these littles are really so cute and very talented..I think they are going to be the dance stars at the future.No doubt..