Friday, April 11, 2008

PayPerPost, Get Paid For Blogging

This blog site has recently been approved by PayPerPost. This means, I now belong to the “Posties” who can find advertisers in the PayPerPost that have created “Opps” for bloggers like you. What a surprise? This approval has come unexpectedly. I … loved it! This is the most I like with PayPerPost.

It was only January of this year when I just started blogging, with nothing in mind. Only a simple task of writing articles that may interest me of sharing to others in the net. I told to myself, from then on, besides to my personal experiences and views, any book I’ve read, any film or movie I’ve seen, any music hits or MTV clip, or any headlines, strange and extraordinary news, if I got the time, I will write about it. As you may notice, I have only a few entries on my blog compared to the other blogs having enormous ones. As I took all my available free time in visiting and reading other blogs so that I can get a more solid and broader idea of what blogging is really all about, I came across with this PayPerPost.

This certainly catches my interest—so I decided and signed up immediately, telling to myself that even though it will take a long time to be approved, at least I have already applied. Subsequent instructions were provided that for the meantime while waiting for approval, I need to put a couple of colorful and attractive widgets and some snippet codes to be placed on my template.

Aside from the fact that this site can be an effective marketing medium for advertisers, this can be as well an excellent opportunity for bloggers to enhance, generate and the most, it will drive traffic to your site, needless to say, about the income or revenues that will start to buildup impressively in favor of the blog owner with all the courtesy of PayperPost. What a golden chance—getting paid for blogging!

This is really exciting, in order to be fair at this stage, it’s difficult to anticipate something big. Yet, extra income derived from PayPerPost, surely, I will save it first for future use. Shall we say a brand new digital movie camera with advanced sophisticated lenses will be fine? Then I have to save more because I would like to spend it on gadgets and software that will enhance my internet and digital capabilities and to get ahead of my computing needs.

This really inspires me and now, I think I need to endeavor more and double-time my efforts to befriend additional contacts and join more blogging communities by making and providing them quality and interesting content to keep them coming and visiting back.

Come on bloggers, advertisers at PayPerPost are waiting! I am looking forward and excited to read about your PPP approval and your delighting article about being paid for blogging. It’s quite pretty nice and cool having extra income inside the comfort of your own home. Not bad … Maybe your next family holiday will be paid by your savings from PPP revenues. You will be doing a great and lasting surprise for your spouse and kids, a memory to treasure of. You’ll never know! PayPerPost might start your luck. So, what are you … waiting for? Sign up now!!!! Create your account ...

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