Friday, May 30, 2008

Sameer Mishra, the New Champ of 2008 Scripps National Spelling Bee

Among the 288 participants of this year’s 2008 SNSB, an eight-grader 13-year-old male student took the first place, which was hailed from West Lafayette, Indiana. Sameer Mishra who comes from West Lafayette Junior/Senior High School is in his fourth year in the competition. As the 81st winner, he receives a total cash of US$35,000 and an additional US$5,000 worth of other prizes, besides from a trophy. He will also receive a set of the Britannica Encyclopedia worth US$3,500.

Sameer loves to read of which he is a member the school’s book club. He also enjoys playing computer and video games, as well as board games. He has been playing the violin for four years in his school orchestra. Physically, he likes to ride his bike and hang out with his friends having his favorite subjects, science and math. As a competitive student, he participates in contests such as Spell Bowl, Academic Super Bowl and Indiana State School Music Association. He aspires to be a neurosurgeon. His sister Shruti, a three-year competitor in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, is his spelling coach.

His parents who are with him which was focused by the camera on several times, each round he made the correct spelling of the word smiles and hugged each other. Unmistakably, as it is so obvious, he is of an Indian descent.

This contest was held in Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington DC, which started May 29 (semi-finals, Live on ESPN) until the evening of May 30 Finals which is live telecast on ABC, 8-10 p.m. ET. The 288 spellers were reduced to 45 semi-finalists. Among this year's spellers are five of 2007 finalists or repeaters, and they are Natasha Elizabeth Thomas, 13, of Oakhurst, California; Matthew C. Evans, 13, of Albuquerque; Anqi Dong, 13, of Saskatoon, Canada; Kavya Shivashankar, 12, of Olathe, Kansas; Cody Aoan Wang, 14, of Calgary, Canada. They were as well among the favorites.

Unfortunately, among the 12 finalist, the strong contingent of Canadians was all eliminated.

It could be very well recalled, the 2007 champion Evan O’Dorney from Danville, California said from his interview last year right after winning, "Spelling is just a bunch of memorization" and that it couldn't compare with algebra, his passion. When he is ask now about his winnings, he added, “the money is all in my savings account. I didn't do anything special with it.” He is now in a linear algebra class at (the University of California at) Berkeley and a participant of various math competitions whom he is in the winning series.

First time speller for 2008 Spelling Bee, Sidharth Chand, 12, get the second place. He is a seventh-grader from Detroit Country Day Middle School, Michigan having the deepest appreciation for science and math.

3rd Placer, Tia-Natasha Elizabeth Thomas, 13, who was the lone female of the last five last year is still unfortunate this time. It could be well noticed that she is not wearing anymore her sets of multiple bracelets she used to wear on her left wrist as her charm. She even asks for a Californian pronunciation of the word “canicular” at one point that made everybody in laughter.

One moment earlier of comic relief is when 8th Place Tier, Jahnavi Iyer, 14, who pondered the medical term "solidungulate" as she finally asked for an Asian pronunciation of that word. The pronouncer, Professor Jacques Bailly laughed and said: "That's too good."

Another funny moment is when the speller-champ makes somewhat confuse reaction about a word given to him in one of his round that even the commentators together with the audience are made chuckling and wondering whether they heard the word right.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kristi Yamaguchi, Captures the “Dancing” Trophy

Olympic figure-skating champion, Kristi Yamaguchi conquers the crown of the 6th Season of the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Tuesday evening on ABCs hit show. This mirror ball trophy is another addition to her collections, but this time, she got it ... off the ice!

Throughout the past weekly shows, Kristi who was paired to Mark Ballas who also acted as her professorial coach and trainer generally dominated the judges’ (Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tomioli) scoreboard.

Considering the shows history since the First Season, she is the second woman to get the crown. It could be well remembered the first woman champion was the actress Kelly Monaco, preceded by, 98 Degrees singer Drew Lachey, NFL star Emmitt Smith, Olympic speed-skater Apolo Anton Ohno, and the last season’s Indycar-racer Helio Castroneves.

Kristi, 34, a mother of two daughters (Keara and Emma) and a wife to hockey Bret Hedican, said, "This is just the icing on the cake ... I honestly thank all the fans out there ... everyone who's made this a dream experience ... You obviously have to get the technique, but (also) compete with the personalities that all the boys have ... I think their smiles and their personalities melt hearts across the country."

Among the finalists are, soap-actor Christian De La Fuente with Cheryl Burke, and 'NFL-Man of the Year' Jason Taylor with Edyta Sliwinska. More actions and fun can be seen on the videos below.

The Finals Intro & Group Rehearsal

The Three Finalists performed The CHA, CHA Face Off

Kristi Yamaguchi-Mark Balls performed The Freestyle

Kristi & Mark performed The Rumba/The Family on the Rehearsal

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Windows XP Home Edition, Now at Bargain Price to Cheap Laptop Makers

According to recent published reports, the XO Laptop which is the first prototype version of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Foundation will be running windows XP with dual boot of Sugar software from Red Hat Linux Inc. This was announced by Professor Nicholas Negroponte, current chair of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Initiative.

Initially, this project was started by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) having the goal to develop an inexpensive laptop computer for elementary school children in developing countries at a US$100 price. Microsoft having the popular Windows Operating System and at present is running 90% of the world’s computers was never been a part of this project. Sugar was only designed to work with a free Linux operating system. However, in recent months, serious talks had been going on between the two sides and started testing the Sugar software package of the XO Laptop on Windows OS.

Eventually, the aim is to be to develop and achieve versions of the XO to run both Linux and Windows, giving the user to choose which operating system to run when booting up. The said Sugar package is an educational software suite with a user interface for the green-and-white machines with a power-saving display having the capability to switch from color to black-and-white for viewing in direct sunlight.

Meanwhile, Microsoft had announced last year that Windows XP will not be available anymore in the market on January of 2008 and extended the deadline up to this coming June 30, meaning, Microsoft will stop selling new Windows XP licenses thereafter. Lately, on the Microsoft Website, it has been announced that Windows XP Home Edition’s availability will be extended for use solely on Ultra-Low-Cost PCs (ULCPC), as an exception. The early models of these ULCPCs are the XO Laptop and the Asus Eee PC designs.

For the next six months, it is expected that several designs of ULCPCs will be out in the market, twenty or more models. Microsoft is expecting to sell 10 to 13 million of these devices only this year alone – to hit 9 million more until 2012.

Microsoft will only charge PC makers an OEM steep discounted price between US$26 (for developing countries like China and India) and US$32 (for develop countries) per unit of Windows XP Home Edition. However, PC manufacturers have to enter into a contract as Microsoft called it as Market Development Agreement (MDA). This agreement embodied limited capabilities on devices that in order to be eligible, these machines must be, limited 80GB of hard drives, limited screen sizes to 10.2 inches (should not be touch-screens), the systems can have no more than 1G byte of RAM and a single-core processor running at no more than 1GHz. This will provide program an allowance for some chips, including Via Technologies' C7-M processors, which run between 1.0GHz and 1.6GHz, and Intel's upcoming Atom N270.

Since the ULCPCs will be sold between US$200 and US$500 per unit with the pre-installed bargain price of Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft encourages PC makers to take this alternative offer instead of the Linux. Consumers who wanted an easy-to-use PCs always prefer Windows, and that is a fact.

Considering this bargain price of Windows XP Home Edition, does Microsoft secured again its dominance in the OS market? Is this a step of Microsoft to stop Linux penetrating into cheap Laptops of ULCPCs and in the same way maintaining the price of their Vistas in the market?

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Does Vitamin-D Prevent Breast Cancer?

In the US this year, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women on which about 184,450 cases and 40,930 deaths from this disease are expected.

According to a Canadian research, breast cancer patients with low levels of vitamin D were much more likely to die or have it spread the disease, than those patients who were getting enough of the nutrient — adding to evidence the "sunshine vitamin" has anti-cancer advantage. Blood samples were taken from about 500 women at three University of Toronto hospitals from the period, 1989 and 1995, when these women were first diagnosed with early-stage of breast cancer. The results are sure to renew arguments, whether a little more sunshine is a good thing. They wanted to see if ever it has made a significant difference in the patients’ survival.

After 10 years, 83% of those who had sufficient vitamin-D blood levels were alive without extensive spread of their cancer, compared to 79% of those whose vitamin-D levels were inadequate and 69% of those who were deficient, as defined by medical standards widely used for measuring intake.

It was just 24% of women in the study had sufficient blood levels of vitamin-D at the time they were first diagnosed with breast cancer. Those who were deficient were nearly twice as likely to have their cancer recur or spread over the next 10 years, and 73% more likely to die of the disease. This was released Thursday by the ASCO and will be presented at the group's annual meeting later this month.

The head of the study, Dr. Pamela Goodwin of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, said, “These are pretty big differences … It’s the first time that vitamin D has been linked to breast cancer progression … But people shouldn't start downing supplements, she warned … there may be an optimal level of vitamin D in women with breast cancer and it may be possible to take too much …”

There are substantial disagreements among experts on how much vitamin D people need or the best way to get it, and too much can be harmful. They also don't know whether getting more vitamin D can help when someone already has cancer. Though the study was too small and those results were not conclusive. The federal government says up to 2,000 international units of vitamin D a day seems OK.

Goodwin explained, taking 800 units per day will, on average, raise blood levels to the middle of the range that seems best for bone and general health, "It's very hard to make a recommendation" because how much difference a supplement makes depends on someone's baseline level, which also can be affected by sunlight, skin type and time of year. Doctors do suggest breast cancer patients get their vitamin D levels checked to see whether they are deficient. The simple blood test is available in many hospitals and labs for modest amount.

But according to Dr. Julie Gralow, a cancer specialist at the University of Washington in Seattle, "We have no idea whether correcting a vitamin D deficiency will in any way alter these outcomes."

Dr. Nancy Davidson, a Johns Hopkins University cancer specialist who is president of the oncology society, said those tests are growing in popularity, even in ordinary medical care. She said,"Rightly or wrongly, I'm increasingly seeing physicians who are measuring this."

Dr. Larry Norton, chief of breast cancer programs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and a medical adviser to the foundation, said, “It's a very provocative paper. It's confirmatory of a tremendous amount of evidence that vitamin D is an important component of health."

Lots of earlier research suggests vitamin D may help prevent prostate, breast and especially colon cancer. In lab and animal tests, vitamin D represses abnormal cell growth, curbs formation of blood vessels that feed tumors and has many other anti-cancer effects.

Other evidence: People who live in northern regions of the world have higher cancer rates than those living closer to the equator, possibly because of less sunshine and vitamin D. One red flag: The few women with the very highest levels of vitamin D seemed to have worse survival.

Vitamin D can be found in egg yolk, beef liver, salmon and other oily fish, and milk. The skin makes vitamin D from ultraviolet light. Too much sunlight can raise the risk of skin cancer, but small amounts — 15 minutes or so a few times a week without sunscreen — may be beneficial, many doctors believe.

While the vitamin is found in certain foods and supplements, most do not contain the best form, D-3 nutrient, which have the modest effect on blood levels.

Despite a lot of questions and the need for further studies, lest we should not forget the age-old adage, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Is Vitamin-D the answer to this?

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Juno (2007), a Celebration of Motherhood

Juno is a mixture of drama, comedy, and romance that could be considered as a feminist film which won the recent Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. The main character portraying Juno Mc Daff (Ellen Page), as an atypically strong, intelligent and confident 16-year old high school student who discovered she is pregnant fathered by her longtime friend and admirer, Pauli Bleeker (Michael Cera).

Instead of opting for abortion, she decided with the help of her friend Leah (Olivia Thirlby), to give the baby for adoption after birth. After searches made from the PenySaver, they found the interested couple in the person of Mark and Vanessa Loring (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner). Together with her father Mac (J. K. Simmons), they meet the couple in their expensive suburban home to finalize and arrange the closed-adoption signing of agreements.

Interactions and encounters between Juno and Vanessa are depicted in several occasions which seemed so annoying, awkward and not in normal terms, yet Vanessa is so overwhelmed by her obsession of becoming a full time mother as well as Juno’s relentless intention of handing over the baby right away after birth.

It also portrayed Mac as a supportive father of a teen-age-pregnant daughter which is really exceptional to find in real life. One case is a scene on the revelation and admission of her pregnancy, another when he volunteered to go along with Juno in meeting the Loring couple. One more is during an intimate conversation between Mac and Juno on his workroom, defining to her his terms of love and relationship, considering it again on the day of Juno’s labor and delivery. Lastly, when Mac never say a word to Pauli on the hospital room and just patted her shoulders allowing both of them to talk in private.

She is lucky as well with her ever-caring and compassionate step-mother (Allison Janney), who assists her in her pre-natal requirements, repairing her pants, bringing her to the ultra-sound lab, up to the delivery stage, although in some instances, they encounter some misunderstandings.

This film is a real celebration of motherhood, one part on Juno’s bearing of the child, and one part on the readiness of Vanessa to become the loving, un-reserved and full-time adoptive mother, despite her unexpected divorced from her husband.

On the outset, all the distinctive characters involved are very rare to find in our contemporary society. The story-line may truly happen, inasmuch as the circumstances turn around and all the occurrence of situations that surround, in which case they are so inspiring and motivating, nonetheless, they could hardly be found.

Cast: Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Allison Janney, Olivia Thirlby
Director: Jason Reitman
Screenwriter: Diablo Cody
Producer: John Malkovich, Russel Smith, Lianne Halfon, Mason Novak
Composer: Mateo Messina
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hr 36 mins
Theatrical Release: December 5, 2007 Limited
Box Office: $143,380,890

For those who missed the film, here are some extracts worth viewing for. Happy Mother’s Day to everybody!

Juno (2007) Part 1

Juno (2007) Part 2

Juno (2007) Part 3

Juno (2007) Part 4-Last

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jenna Bush & Henry Hager, Getting Married

Jenna, 26, the eldest of the twin daughters of US President George W. H. Bush and Laura Bush, is getting married to Henry Hager on Saturday, May 10, at their family Ranch, in Crawford, Texas according to several published reports.

It could be well recalled, their engagement was announced by the White House last August, 2007, after two years of dating. Their engagement ring features a diamond -- a Hager family heirloom -- that was reset and flanked by two sapphires. Hager got advice on the ring from Jenna's twin sister, Barbara, who she chose to be her maid of honor. The wedding was to be kept a low-key affair with 200 friends and family members invited.

Henry Hager, turning 30 on Friday, is the son of Honorable and Mrs. John H. Hager of Richmond, Virginia, head of the Republican Party. He graduated from Wake Forest University, worked as an aide to Bush's former top political adviser Karl Rove and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. Hager is set to receive a master's degree in business administration later this month from the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business.

Jenna Bush earned an English degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2004. She taught at a Washington elementary school for third and fourth grades for a year and half. She worked in Latin America as an intern for UNICEF and authored, “Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope," about a 17-year-old Latin American girl living with HIV-AIDS whom she met while working there. She co-authored her second book with Laura, her mother, titled, “All About It,” a children’s book.

After the wedding, the couple plans to live in a two-bedroom, two-bath town house on the south side of Baltimore where she plans to return to teaching and he will work for Constellation Energy, a power supplier based in Maryland.

Her wedding gown, however, was the creation of Oscar de la Renta, a top New York designer and favorite of the first lady. It's made of organza, a sheer fabric, with embroidery and matte beading. Jenna has described the dress as "simple and elegant."

For the ceremony, Barbara is to wear a long, shimmering moonstone blue gown made of silk with a fluttered open back. The bride's 14 attendants -- known members of the "house party" in Texas terminology -- will wear cocktail-length dresses made of silk crinkle chiffon. For the bridesmaids, New York designer Lela Rose, a native of Dallas, has made silk crinkle chiffon, cocktail-length dresses all adorned with handmade chiffon flowers. There are seven different styles of dresses in seven different colors that match the palate of Texas wildflowers -- blues, greens, lavenders and pinky reds -- that currently are in bloom.

Jenna's mother said Monday that she's not nervous -- and the president isn't, either. "I'm very, very excited," the first lady told reporters. "It's a very interesting passage of life when you get to that time in your life when your child -- first child is getting married. And we're getting, for us, our first son." Laura Bush admits that she half hoped Jenna and Hager, whom she calls "soul mates,"

President Bush, with Jenna in Texas in March, has cracked some jokes about being the father of the bride. "I had to face some very difficult spending decisions and I've had to conduct sensitive diplomacy," he said earlier this year. "That's called planning for a wedding."

Jenna, the 22nd child of a president to marry while their fathers were in office, has come a ways from her dad's first year in office when she had a run-in with the Texas law for underage drinking. It was her second offense. Then, during her father's re-election campaign in 2004, she was photographed sticking her tongue out at the media at a campaign stop in Missouri. The widely circulated photo reinforced the playful side of her personality.

Jenna on Ellen De Generes Show, December, 2007

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Incest, Rape, Locked in Cellar, Stunned a Nation

Josef Fritzl, 73, the Austrian man accused of abusing his imprisoned daughter for 24 years, should not go to jail as he is mentally ill, according to Rudolf Mayer, his lawyer. Mr. Mayer says his client should be in a psychiatric unit rather than facing a trial, which will not be fair due to press coverage of the case.

Mr. Mayer added that if a psychiatric evaluation of Mr. Fritzl ordered by the court does not give a proper assessment of his client, he will consider ordering a separate report himself. He said, "In my personal opinion, Josef Fritzl is mentally ill and therefore of diminished responsibility. I believe that my client does not belong in prison but in a secure psychiatric unit … not defending a monster but a human being, even if that is hard to take for some people. I am already receiving threatening letters saying that I belong in the cellar with Mr. Fritzl."

Austrian police said, Mr Fritzl, who is in custody, has confessed to the crime in a written statement, and he is refusing to answer any more questions, as police try to piece together conditions in the cellar - as well as the suspect's life. He incarcerated and raped his daughter Elisabeth in his cellar in Amstetten in Lower Austria. Elisabeth bore her father seven children -- three of whom remained with her, never seeing daylight until they were released earlier this week. Mr. Fritzl's alleged crimes came to light when Elisabeth's eldest daughter Kerstin, 19, became seriously ill.

Kerstin was allowed out of the cellar and admitted to hospital in Amstetten. When police issued an appeal to Elisabeth Fritzl to contact them about her daughter, and later police picked up Mr. Fritzl and Elisabeth near the hospital due to suspicions. Elisabeth and the children are now in care with the Austrian authorities, who are protecting their privacy at a psychiatric clinic.

A relative of Mr. Fritzl says he was convicted of another rape in 1967. Under Austrian law, convictions can be discarded from the record even after as short as five years. Police have declined to comment on the allegations, saying records that old, would have been erased under Austria's statutes of limitation.(Please click the images to enlarge)

Christine R, a sister-in-law, told newspapers, “… He is a tyrant and I believe he spent a year and half in prison for the conviction (his rape case in 1967)… Mr. Fritzl used to go into the cellar every morning at 0900 apparently to draw plans for machines, which he sold to firms … Often he even stayed down there for the night … Rosi [his wife] wasn't allowed to bring him a coffee … Mr Fritzl ‘was a despot, I hated him’… he ‘always belittled’ his wife Rosemarie."

Alfred Dubanovsky, a lodger at the Austrian house where a father allegedly imprisoned and abused his daughter says he saw another man go to the cellar where the abuse happened. He rented a room in the Fritzl house for 12 years. He and other lodgers were forbidden to go down to the cellar under threat of eviction. In his ground floor room he heard noises coming from the cellar, but Mr Fritzl passed it off as the gas heating system. He assumed the basement was being used as a storeroom because a neighbour said Mr Fritzl often took food down to the cellar.

According to police investigators, “they have found two heavily reinforced concrete doors that could only be opened by remote control … They are open now, but we are trying to get another way out of this room because the working conditions in this prison are so exceptional … officers could work there only one hour and during this hour they try, one team after the other, to gather everything available in this living space … the work was overwhelming and oppressive for investigators."

In Austria, there are three cases so far involving people being locked in cellars. Among those drawing parallels with, was the case of Natascha Kampusch, who was 10 years old when she was kidnapped in Vienna in March 2, 1998 who made a dramatic escape in August 23, 2006. Her captor, Wolfgang Priklopil, 44, killed himself after her escape. She told the BBC that Elisabeth Fritzl and her family would need "a lot of silence" to recover, adding: "Time heals all wounds."

In an earlier case, a Vienna couple kept their mentally retarded adopted daughter caged in a cold room like an animal, and "These cases shocked the nation," as quoted from Austrian newspaper.

What do you think, after all those horrible things he had done, does he just deserve to stay in a secured psychiatric ward?

Christine R, sister-in-law of Josef Fritzl

Rudolf Mayer, lawyer of J. Fritzl

Sources: BBC news

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon got Married

Several reports has been published that Mariah Carey 38, married Nick Cannon, 27, on Wednesday at Carey's home in the island of Eleuthera, in the Bahamas. Sources say the two became involved after he appeared in the video for her song "Bye, Bye (video below)." He is cast as Mariah Carey's lover in the said new video. After dating less than two months, the pair got hitched in an impromptu civil ceremony.

Nicholas Scott Canon, a San Diego native, an actor (Nickelodeon) and rapper is 11 years her junior. Their marriage was confirmed by his family, one relative is saying, "Yes, we know … I'm not going to give you any details … He called us and told us all about it. We are happy for him ... If that is what he wants, and then we are happy for him."

Bishop Clifford Petty of the National Church of God in the Caribbean also confirmed that he presided over the wedding of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. The bishop provided no details except to say that he did not give a sermon.

Carey recently has been seen sporting a 17-carat diamond ring from Jacob & Co. Jewelers. That was reportedly given by Cannon described as, "crafted from platinum and features a square emerald cut fancy light pink diamond as the center stone surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds and two half moon diamonds on each side … The total carat weight of the ring — center stone is 10 carats — is a jaw-dropping 17 carats with a value of $2.5 million."

Last April 28, when asked by MTV News Offices about Mariah Carey’s engagement rumors with him, Nick Cannon squirms and says, “ … She's a 'Good Friend' … a great person ... I can't even know what to say. She's probably the most festive, remarkable person I've ever met. Good friend … Rumors happen. They do.”

This is Cannon's first but Carey's second marriage. It could be well recalled way back in 1993, her famous and extravagant wedding to Tommy Mottola, who is a music executive, in which they had a bitter divorce in 1998.

The actor, who has been reported with previous romances to singer Christina Milian and voluptuous reality star Kim Kardashian, and last year gave a 15-carat stone to Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks.

It has been speculated that the Carey-Cannon match is a publicity stunt. In the wake of her just released No. 1 album—"EMC2" which is now topping the charts, and Canon has at least four movies due for release this year, nonetheless, Carey is one of the most successful artists in the music industry, and barely needs a marriage to garner attention. She's unexpectedly scored a No. 1 hit off the album with "Touch My Body."

Taking into account that Nick Canon has been cast as Mariah Carey’s lover in her upcoming new video, it’s most likely to ask, had the superstar diva given the young actor a much significant role in real life?

Mariah Carey - Bye, Bye (2008)

Mariah Carey - Touch My Body [2008]

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Naked Indian Babies, Thrown Off from Tower

What a bizarre and a wild spectacular occasion seeing babies flying in the air from a 50-foot temple tower? Yet this is a ritual of the faithfuls from a particular village in Solapur, India. It was the belief of the devotees, “that if they throw the child from the roof, then it will do good to her or him,” this was according to Ravikiran Mehta, the deputy sarpanch of Musti village as he told IBN-CNN.

It was also claimed that these babies tossed off in the air and will land in a soft white sheet, did not suffer any ill effects or physical disabilities from the fall—making their babies healthy. They are doing this every year for the past 500 years and there have never been any accidents or injuries. It can be observed that a crowd below helps to catch the newborns.

There are so many criticisms that arise. One Indian said, “… this is shocking to me … it’s not our country’s culture or tradition … In India, there are almost 1000 different sects and dialects … this just belongs to a very, very small community … Media prefers to say it as ‘India’s culture’ but it sure from crazy sect …”

One said, “Perhaps you can guess now, from what and where did Michael Jackson get his whacko-Jacko ideas, when he dangled-out his kid from a 6th story hotel room window in Berlin, Germany years ago that stirred-up an international controversy.”

Another said, “These people are freaking idiots … What if the babies bounced off the sheet or suffered brain damage? This might cause a mild concussion, at the least … I would have slapped the silly parents if I was there …”

But one commented, “…don't be stunned by these cultures, just accept that they are different than your culture … Let them do their thing, we have plenty of stunning events taking place right here at home.”

However, there is a big question for our mom readers; will you allow such an incredible thing to be done to your baby? What can you say? Is it terrifying? Is it scary?

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