Friday, May 2, 2008

Naked Indian Babies, Thrown Off from Tower

What a bizarre and a wild spectacular occasion seeing babies flying in the air from a 50-foot temple tower? Yet this is a ritual of the faithfuls from a particular village in Solapur, India. It was the belief of the devotees, “that if they throw the child from the roof, then it will do good to her or him,” this was according to Ravikiran Mehta, the deputy sarpanch of Musti village as he told IBN-CNN.

It was also claimed that these babies tossed off in the air and will land in a soft white sheet, did not suffer any ill effects or physical disabilities from the fall—making their babies healthy. They are doing this every year for the past 500 years and there have never been any accidents or injuries. It can be observed that a crowd below helps to catch the newborns.

There are so many criticisms that arise. One Indian said, “… this is shocking to me … it’s not our country’s culture or tradition … In India, there are almost 1000 different sects and dialects … this just belongs to a very, very small community … Media prefers to say it as ‘India’s culture’ but it sure from crazy sect …”

One said, “Perhaps you can guess now, from what and where did Michael Jackson get his whacko-Jacko ideas, when he dangled-out his kid from a 6th story hotel room window in Berlin, Germany years ago that stirred-up an international controversy.”

Another said, “These people are freaking idiots … What if the babies bounced off the sheet or suffered brain damage? This might cause a mild concussion, at the least … I would have slapped the silly parents if I was there …”

But one commented, “…don't be stunned by these cultures, just accept that they are different than your culture … Let them do their thing, we have plenty of stunning events taking place right here at home.”

However, there is a big question for our mom readers; will you allow such an incredible thing to be done to your baby? What can you say? Is it terrifying? Is it scary?

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tahn said...

Thanks :)

Nihal said...

Absolutely terrifying! I know there are so many different traditions and rituals all over the world, and we should be respectful for everybodys beliefs, but this is really scary, i can not even guess how this child would be affected in a bad way with this. And i would never let them do this to my child :)

Pinay Jade said...

Oh my goodness! I do respect traditions and cultures but if it was for me I will not do this.It's almost like shaking a child...

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