Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barack Obama is now the Democratic Nominee for US President

According to Associated Press, while the rest of the final votes are still to be counted on, Barack Obama already sealed the number of required votes to be the officially nominated Democratic candidate to run against the GOP candidate, John McCain. US presidential election will be held this coming November, 2008.

CNN take the live coverage the Barack Obama’s victory nomination address at the EXCEL Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota where the GOP will officially hold its National Convention in the offing. He had said a hundreds of repeated “Thank You's” before the crowd ceded to silence, as he started his speech. He wasted no time in expressing his enthusiasm and extraordinary admiration to Sen. Hillary Clinton and all her unceasing efforts and brilliance to be the first woman in history to run a presidential primary campaign in such a way she did.

Likewise, he started to scoff in a so gracious way at criticizing John McCain’s policy of Iraq. He meticulously address and redefine the real meaning of “change” as distinguished and differed from the “change” of what McCain has been espousing for. He ended his speech offering a face to face debate against John McCain.

However, there arise a lot of questions. One is whether the Democrats are strengthened or divided. Days before the South Dakota and Montana primaries, Hillary Clinton campaign had run an ad saying she has garnered 18 million popular votes, the largest in history of any primaries held in the past. But in the Electoral College votes as allocated, she is behind Obama who needs only 41.5 delegates' votes to seal the nomination of 2,118.

Obama had already approached Jim Johnson, former head of mortgage giant Fannie Mae, started a search for his VP nominee, and among the twelve listed, Hillary Clinton is included. They are (in alphabetical order): Joseph Biden, 65; Wesley Clark, 63; Hillary Clinton, 60; Chris Dodd, 64; Chuck Hagel, 61; Tim Kaine, 50; Sam Nunn, 69; Ed Rendell, 64; Bill Richardson, 60; Kathleen Sebelius, 60; Ted Strickland, 66; and Jim Webb, 62. There were rumors of a “Dream Team” as it has been suggested to unify the much needed vote of the Democrats against GOP presumptive nominee, John McCain, although everything still remains to be seen.

Another important question arise about the “Dream Ticket” is what will be the role of Bill Clinton implicitly or explicitly when he is put back with Hillary in the White House as Vice President of Barack Obama, just in case the Democrats won.

As of this writing, it has been reported that Hillary Clinton has not yet conceded officially. This made analysts to ask questions of how Obama will handle her because, she is not leaving the campaign stage and obviously, she is still pursuing to get attention. Subsequent questions are, when and how she will leave?

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