Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Facts about Cheaper Consumer Products

In these times of economic turmoil as it has been described by many, where petrol and food prices have increased to unprecedented record high, there might be some advantage to consumers particularly, housewives, newlyweds or new homemakers. There are a number of items and consumer products that are available for shoppers and were reduced to a discount if not remained low in prices compared to how much they were last year.

Consumer electronics such as LCD flat-panel TVs, plasma TVs, DVRs, digital (point-and-shoot) cameras, cellular phones (mobiles), notebook, desktop computers, particularly those models one year ago have dropped prices. Another factor that affects is the speed of release of new models and the slow rate of sales which is not proportionate relatively accumulating inventories, commanding a sharp fall in prices.

Women’s clothing has been observed with lower prices as compared to men’s and children’s apparel — pajamas, nightgowns, sleep shirts and negligees — all posted falling prices. This is based on the notion that men buy clothes only as needed, whereas women buy clothes based on a whole variety of other reasons.

On dinnerware category, although prices didn’t decline for every household product, the price of formal, fine dinnerware, such as porcelain or bone china with a metal accent band, including plastic dinnerware has decreased some percent resulted to falling in prices.

Overseas cheap production cost of children’s toys, matched with severe industry production, and as there are fewer and fewer children nowadays, all these factors relatively affect the toy’s declining prices in the market.

For those couples who are planning for tying the knot and finding places of their choice for honeymoon, hotel room rates are cheap or can be negotiated for discounts relative to the number of days you are going to stay. This is to recompense the soaring high airplane fares with tricky add-ons and annoying charges, if not sneaky fees. This is also favorable for regular business travelers.

If lower hotel prices inspire customers to take their vacation, this has something to do also of the lower prices of theme parks. This is another way to appease our children if we take them with us in our holidays or vacations, besides from cheaper children’s toys.

Considering we have controlled our ways of buying impulses and for the past years we were able to save a handsome amount of money, now is the time to take advantage some of the items enumerated above. Those items might have been already included in our shopping wish lists for a long time, yet, we are only waiting for the right time. Of course when it comes to shopping, necessity and choice are still the options paired with our own personal judgments.

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