Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vitamin-D in Men and their Heart’s Health

If Vitamin-D has an anti-cancer advantage among breast cancer patients in women, the same Vitamin-D has also an advantage among men to prevent heart attack, and those who have low levels of the said “sunshine vitamin” are more than twice prone to heart attack, if not more likely to die from it.

This is according to a Harvard School of Public Health Study which was participated by about 18,000 men who are over the age of 40 for a period of ten years. Dr Edward Giovannucci, the author of the study says,
“…It does seem that Vitamin D levels seem to be real predictor of heart disease … We really need to increase the Vitamin D intake levels for most people … We may need to go three to four times higher than what most people get currently …”
This research is suggesting that Vitamin-D is vital for the health of the blood vessel and blood pressure control as well. It has parallel outcome on the Canadian study showing women with breast cancer do far worse if they have low levels of Vitamin D upon the time they were diagnosed.

As more documents are being released on the subject of Vitamin-D and the corresponding health problems attributed to its low levels found in men and women, researchers have not yet proven that increasing Vitamin-D intake will treat these problems.

Since this prospective study links that “sunshine vitamin” plays an important role for a healthy heart, men had a huge reason in making sure they get sufficient levels of it.

Katie Couric of CBS Evening News who featured Dr. Jon LaPook, CBS Medical Correspondent, has more on this issue as shown on video below.

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