Sunday, July 13, 2008

Angelina Jolie Gives Birth to Premature Boy & Girl Twins

Angelina Jolie, with just less than 35 weeks of pregnancy, gives birth to a boy and girl twins, 8:00 pm, Saturday night, in Foundation Lenval Hospital, in Nice, France. It was delivered via a Cesarean section, on which the operation was headed by Dr. Michel Sussman. The first is a boy, Knox Leon, at 5.03 pounds and a girl, Vivienne Marcheline, at 5 pounds. What do these names mean to them?

Dr. Sussman, her obstetrician told the press,
“… the Cesarian was moved forward from its originally planned date ‘for medical reasons’ so that the babies could be born ‘in the best conditions’ … The babies are doing well. The operation went just perfectly. Angelina is in very good spirits. Brad Pitt was at her side. He was there and all was well …"
It could be well recalled last month; Angelina was checked into the hospital for bed-resting and monitoring by her doctors although she was due on August 19. Angelina Jolie, 33 and Brad Pitt, 44, welcomed their twins as an addition to their four children. They are adoptive parents of Maddox, 6, from Cambodia; Pax, 4, from Vietnam, and Zahara, 3, from Ethiopia. Their first birth daughter, Shiloh, was born May 2006 in Namibia.

It is worth noting, that the name of the baby girl, ”Marcheline” is also the name of Jolie's mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, who died in January 2007 after a 7 1/2-year battle with cancer.

The Jolie-Pitts have been in France since before May's Cannes Film Festival; where the actress spent time promoting Kung Fu Panda and Wanted. They had moved into a large estate, Miraval, in the French hamlet of Correns, which is just a short helicopter ride from the hospital. Correns is about 60 miles from Nice, a resort on the Mediterranean.

It was reported in Nice local newspaper, Sunday that the couple have sold rights for the first photo of "the most famous babies in the world" and their newly enlarged family to a U.S. publication, which it did not name, and that the proceeds would go to charity. Last month, it has been announced by the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict that the Jolie-Pitt Foundation has donated US$1 million for the Iraqi kids. Likewise, last year, the same Foundation gave more than US$300,000 to support the International Rescue Committee's relief program for Darfur refugees.

Nice is a popular resort and verybody out there including tourists and residents, welcomed news of the birth. The city's mayor, Christian Estrosi, visited the hospital on Sunday and he personally delivered the twins' birth certificates – which spared Pitt the need to go to the City Hall himself to register the babies, and run the gauntlet of the photographers waiting outside saying, “It's a happy day for Mrs. Angelina Jolie and all the citizens of Nice." It was previously declared by the mayor that the twins will always be considered honorary citizens of the city, regardless of whether they opt to obtain French citizenship.

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