Monday, July 14, 2008

Basshunter releases new album, “Now You’re Gone: The Album”

Popularly known as the Swedish eurodance geeky musician, Jonas Altberg, aka Basshunter, is due to release, his latest album, “Now You’re Gone: The Album” this July 14, 2008. This is an English reworking and composed of a total of 15 tracks, including the three bonus tracks featuring the English remakes of his older hits.

Basshunter was born on December 22, 1984 in Halmstad, Sweden. He lived with his parents and younger brother, just five minutes from Sweden’s best beach "Tylosand".
Being described as a stubborn and yet a creative person, he started to produce music in 1999 with a little help from the computer program "Fruityloops". After a lot of demos spread over the internet wherein his interest in music became bigger and bigger, he started to get phone calls from clubs that wanted to hire him as deejay.

He got his first real contact with the music industry when he signed a record deal with Warner Music in April 2006. Eventually, 'Boten Anna’ his first single was released in Scandinavia which became an instant hit. It all happened so very fast then, much faster than Basshunter himself could ever have imagined and expected. The track spread-out, and it became number 1 in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg – the first ever Swedish language hit in these countries. Germany is not an exception; the song went top 10, and something on which only Cascada & Eric Prydz have managed from the dance world, the track then hung about in the top end of the charts for 6 months.

In the summer of 2007 the English vocal version 'Now you're Gone' has become the most requested record in summer holiday resorts around Europe, due to it being the lead track on a mix compact disc. This was how the Basshunter phenomenon started out in UK.

This latest album, “Now You’re Gone: The Album” is having these tracks: Now You're Gone, All I Ever Wanted, Please Don't Go, I Miss You, Angel In The Night, In Her Eyes, Love You More, Camilla, Dream Girl, I Can Walk On Water, Bass Creator and Russia Privjet; with the Bonus Tracks, Bota Anna, Dota, Now You're Gone and All I Ever Wanted, wherein the last two are Fonzerelli Edit.

Basshunter – "All I ever wanted"

Basshunter - "Now You're Gone"

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