Friday, July 25, 2008

Pics of Baby Susan Juliette & Thomas Beatie, showed on People Magazine

Four weeks after she was born, baby Susan Juliette and her trannie father were featured on a US publication – People Magazine exclusive issue this week. Of course this is not for free but for a rumored amount of US$300,000! Susan Juliette was conceived (via artificial insemination through a third party sperm donor) by Thomas Beatie, the famous “Pregnat Man” and was given birth at the St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon on June 29 weighing 9lbs, 5oz; three months after news of her pioneering conception made controversial headlines all across the globe.

Thomas also reveals to the magazine, even though all his little daughter can do at this stage is sleep and poop he thinks his baby is smart and strong and will grow up to be extraordinary – is it because Susan Juliette has an extraordinary father? What a poor baby! It is tempting to say ... this child is going to live a confusing life because his father as he claimed to be, "The World's Most Pregnant Man," loves the spotlight. Is this the way to be concerned about the well-being of this child?

Although Beatie gave birth to this blue-eyed baby, Nancy, his wife has taken on the role of breastfeeding through induced lactation – using hormones and a breast pump to stimulate breast milk production. For the baby, breastfeeding is vital while for Nancy, this is a very responsible act.

In regards to the payout for the exclusive photos, there’s no word yet for a charity. Anyway it is only six digit figures which are worth for keeping compared to Jolie-Pitt’s twins nearing now to US$20,000,000 and the seven digit figures of Nicole Ritchie and Jamie-Lynn Spears' off-spring. Beatie still looks a very happy Dad, yet one wonders if Beatie couldn't have gotten a better deal.

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