Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sienna Miller Sues Two UK News Agencies for Breach of Privacy

(Warning: Matured Content – Terms and languages might be offensive, including the video, as well as the clickable images.)

After British tabloids published nude photos of Brit actress Sienna Miller publicly smooching a married man and a father of four – Balthazar Getty, she is now suing those news agencies for breach of privacy. The actress claims both publications invaded her privacy by snapping the lewd shots and break the news of her clandestine relationship with Getty.

The lawsuit filed by the topless homewrecker doesn’t specify which photos of those scandalous images that ran across the globe which has caused a quick whirlwind of gossips and blog reactions both on print media and the web. Those topless photos were taken while she and the oil heir-actor (star of 'Brothers & Sisters') were having their lovefest vacation last week in the Amalfi Coast, Italy – one of the most beautiful and exclusive parts of the Mediterranean.

Balthazar Getty, 33 and Sienna Miller (Born in New York and moved to UK), 26 have been spending a lot of time with each other in recent months. They were first spotted together around Los Angeles, having dinner at an Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills and meeting at the Chateau Marmont Hotel, the place where they first met in LA. Sienna could be spending even more time with Getty as she is looking to buy a home in West Hollywood. Although there are rumors earlier this month that he is cheating on his wife, he vehemently denied it. Sienna on the other hand has some expertise of demonstrating the least inconspicuous way of having affair to married men even in the past.

Actually, this is already the second time she sued the Sun and the News of the World for publishing a nude photos of her. The first was when it published an “intrusive” photo of the actress filming a nude scene for a movie. Last December, she was awarded about US$80,000. This time around might be a much larger amount of payout as she expected since this stupid skank is seemingly very upset.

The least shocking news went out thereafter; Balthazar Getty and his wife Rosetta Millington (8 years of marriage with whom he has four children where his youngest kid is just nine months) are separating. Thanks to "embarrassing" photos of Getty touching and passionately kissing actress Sienna Miller who seems to have a pathological need to be topless with douchebags who cheat on their wives in public.

It is undeniable; Sienna Miller sets to tramp it around the world for publicity sake and after a while, she made a querulous nagging complaint about privacy? What do you think about how she defines privacy herself? Does steaming up in front of a hotel window define one of these?

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